U.S. should take down statues if they glorify a dark part of history

Tuesday , September 12, 2017 - 7:00 AM9 comments

I could not agree less with D. Louise Brown (”America shouldn't be in the business of taking down statues,” Aug. 31). Would she care to see a statue in downtown Salt Lake City of Missouri Gov. Lilburn Boggs, the author of the extermination order against the Missouri Mormons? He is a historical figure.

The U.S. must absolutely be in the business of taking down statues if the history they glorify is a dark one. 

Her example of British buildings leaving damaged parts as a reminder of the Nazi bombs makes no sense in this comparison. Southern statues of Confederate officers show them not in the uniform of the United States, but in the uniform of the rebellion. For four years these men were traitors to their country. They fought for a secessionist government dedicated to the preservation of the institution of slavery. Between 600,000 and 750,000 soldiers died as a result of this war.

I don’t think the statues should be destroyed but should be in museums or historical sites where they can be viewed in the proper context. We can’t rewrite history, but as honorable as these men may have been, they fought for the wrong cause. 

Linda Spence


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