Film crew slated to be in Ogden area through October

Wednesday , September 13, 2017 - 5:15 AM2 comments

ANNA BURLESON, Standard-Examiner Staff

OGDEN — It’s lights, camera, action in Ogden.

The crew filming the web series “Youth and Consequences” has been working at Ogden High School since August and has recently expanded filming to other areas of the city.

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Ogden City Special Events Coordinator Ashley Bockwoldt said filming in Ogden requires a permit each time with the city which must then be approved by the police, fire, parks and risk departments.

Aside from an initial $83 fee for a special event business license, companies don’t have to pay to film unless they use the police or fire departments to temporarily redirect traffic or shut down streets, as “Youth and Consequences” has.

Bockwoldt said 25th Street was closed on Sunday for “Youth and Consequences” filming. She said the crew has been willing to compromise, as they initially wanted to film on Friday — a traditionally busy night for downtown.

“We really try to work with them so they’re set up for success,” she said. “Friday wasn’t a great idea for them to shoot so I told them Sunday would be best and they said OK.”

An email inquiry to Michelle Dreier, a production team representative for “Youth and Consequences,” went unanswered as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“Youth and Consequences” is slated to be a teen “dramedy.” The film company is paying the Ogden School District $67,500 to use Ogden High for filming while school is in session.

The Ogden Police Department is paid $50 per hour per officer for their time if their services are used, Bockwoldt said. For instance, a few weeks ago officers rerouted traffic around part of Harrison Boulevard for filming.

In that instance, the film crew also had to get permission from the Utah Department of Transportation because Harrison is a state road.

Bockwoldt said she’s not sure when or where the “Youth and Consequences” group will film next, though they’re slated to be in the area through October. She usually asks for about two weeks notice on a permit but that’s not always possible with large-scale productions.

“Their production stuff comes so quickly and fast, it can change from one second to the next,” Bockwoldt said.

Caren Werner, a senior sales manager for Visit Ogden, helped “Youth and Consequences” scout locations before they started filming the series’ first eight episodes for YouTube Red.

She said production companies come to Utah because they get a tax break.

“It incentivizes them because filming in L.A. is just crazy and permitting is extremely difficult,” Werner said. “That’s where Utah comes into play and makes it a lot easier.”

A 20 percent or 25 percent fully refundable tax credit is available to qualifying productions, according to the Utah Film Commission website.

Many other states including Nevada, Louisiana and Alabama offer tax credit incentives to film companies, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The economic impact is an added advantage, Werner said, as many film crews including “Youth and Consequences” hire Utah’s set designers, makeup artists, sound and camera workers because they’re usually not unionized.

“Utah has a high quality work base for those people in the industry.” she said.

Bockwoldt said Ogden is a fairly popular filming location as 11 companies have received permits from the city this year. The History Channel, for example, came to Ogden twice.

“It’s kind of cool to work with these different productions,” Bockwoldt said. “I love that they love the city like we do.”

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