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Another bad bill. Another promise of a special session to fix it

Legislative Session Ends

No special session can fix naked legislative greed. That is, if a special session ever happens.

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Readers React: S-E columnist says gun owners should fear protesting teenagers

BZ 031418 Weber High School Walkout 08

Teenagers recently protested gun violence at schools through organized walkouts and have received both support and opposition for their efforts.

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A look at some of Trump's ideas for addressing the opioid epidemic

Trump Mueller

Trump's suggestion that nations that execute drug dealers don't have problems with drugs is not backed up by data.


Student hopes school shootings will soon be a thing of the past

Gun Violence School Walkout-10

My friends and I were given the opportunity to protest against gun violence Wednesday, March 14. I walked out to a field during third period and joined my friends outside for 17 minutes to represent and think about the 17 kids who were killed in the recent shooting in Florida. It was a great...

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Local prosperity requires coherent, stable national policymaking

Trump China Trade

“It probably wasn’t the president’s goal to make buildings in Utah more expensive when he announced the tariffs. But it will happen,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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Social media users, be careful about what you say online

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower-1

Even if no voters were influenced, Facebook apparently failed to prevent the misuse of private information from 50 million Americans for political purposes. This is a scandalous flub by the social media giant.

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Trump falsely says 'no crime' in Russia probe

Trump Fact Check

An AP fact check finds that President Trump made false and misleading claims about the Mueller investigation in a series of weekend tweets.


A rifle is inanimate and cannot assault anyone

Las Vegas Shooting Weapons

According to my dictionary, assault is: "a threat or attempt to strike or otherwise do physical harm to a person.” I have never seen a rifle assault anyone by itself. A weapon is inanimate. So how can a rifle assault someone without a human misusing it. It is interesting how the National...

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The principle behind anti-Trump pragmatism

Not Real News

“For Trump's opponents, pragmatism is principle — because the stakes are so high,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

ruby price 100 birthday 9

This week’s topics: Beloved local legend Ruby Price, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and the Ogden School Board. 

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